Ozzies go awesome!

Written by: info@montalayresort-kohtao.com

Clarissa and Shanna romped through their open water course in Tanote Bay, Shark Island and Hin Ngam Pinnacles


Clarissa aced her quizzes and exam – wot a swot!

Australia's finest then took their advanced open water course

They kicked off with 30 species on their Naturalist dive at Green Rock

Then followed up by navigating Aow Mao

(after a small domestic about who was gonna count kicks and who was gonna hold the compass)

On their Deep dive at Hin Wong Pinnacles, Shanna found a juvenille Hawksbill Turtle and Clarissa adopted a wayward Ramora

Peak Performance Bouyancy was a lot of fun in Laem Thian - the local Unicorn fish were well impressed by their inverse hovers

The ladies finished off their course with some night moves in a moon lit Tanote bay

Congratulations Clarissa and Shanna!


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